Double-twisted Mesh Gabion
The Gabion boxes are composed of double-twisted steel wire mesh which has mechanical properties that are higher than what the relevant standard (EN 10223-3) requires.

The filling of the Gabion boxes is implemented with the appropriate stone on site, so they construct a monolithic, flexible system that ensures free draining and is suitable for the development of retaining walls, or erosion-, bed- and waterfront protection systems (Illustration 1.).

What is the reason for the Gabion System being different from other protection technologies? First of all, it combines the good properties of the other methods:
  • Strong and stable, resistant to water twisting,
  • Environmentally friendly, reusable,
  • Natural-looking, fits well into the environment,
  • Durable, UV- and frost-proof,
  • Adapts well to the roughness of the terrain,
  • Fast installation, cost-effective construction.
The rectangular-shaped boxes are produced in different sizes from galvanized i.e. Aluminium-Zinc platted mesh with a double-twisting technology. The wire diameter is in general 2.7mm. The general size of the boxes is 1x1m or 1x0.5m with a square cross-section. The Gabion boxes are divided into chambers by the use of diaphragms (one diaphragm per meter). The wire is from thickly galvanized (AlZn platted) mild steel; in salty, acidic environment it also receives PVC-coating. The gabion elements are delivered to site in a folded state.

The mesh is developed into a honeycomb structure in which the gaps’ width is D=80-100mm; the wire diameter is d=2.7mm.

The double-twisting technology prevents the possibly cut or torn wire spear from unravelling; in every case the error is limited to the surrounding sections. The binding of the elements is implemented by the application of staple wire or stapler clip.

The commonly applied mesh versions are summarised in the following table. To strengthen the structure, all the edges are equipped with a thicker wire. The size and size tolerance of the different versions are the following:
Available sizes:
D=80 x100mm (lyukszélesség)
d=2,7; 3,0mm
Gabion baskets
L=1,5; 2,0; 3,0; 4,0m ± 3%
B=1m ± 5%
H=0,5; 1m ± 5%
(Illustration 2.)
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