Welded Mesh Gabion - On the waterfront
While there is no doubt that the Double-Twisted Mesh Gabion has a good fit with aquatic environments and is also perfect for waterfront protection, the functionality of the Welded Mesh Gabion is often questioned. It is true that the welded mesh is not created in a way so that it could bear a permanent burden from flowing water.

However, in view of the main characteristics of the Gabion Mesh types (find the comparison here), we believe that in certain cases the Welded Mesh should actually be the specifically recommended choice.

In built environment, as complementary element or just as accompaniment next to artificial water architecture, natural-looking and aesthetically pleasing surfaces can be developed from the Welded Mesh Gabion.

When placed well, the gabion box gives a unique and dynamic character to any location on waterfronts or near waters. Besides its functions (e.g. retention, separation, protection), it also serves as decoration.

The periodic water cover does not ruin the system, the combination of stone and water has a calming and relaxing effect on the viewer and also on the user, by evoking the atmosphere of sea shores and coastlines.

We recommend the installation of this product to areas next to water, waterfronts; not for under permanent water cover. Due to its appearance and durability, it is highly predictable that it will become a strong and unique element of architectural trends.
Main characteristics:
  • The welded mash, which is horizontally double-wired and generally 5x20cm punched, Zinc-, Aluminium-Zinc platted according to the DIN-EN-ISO 146 and the DIN-EN-ISO 12944 standards; this technology ensures a lifespan of at least 55 years.
  • The stone – as a natural building and filling material- reinforces the natural character of water architecture
  • Environmentally friendly and completely re-usable structure
  • Frost- and UV-proof,
  • Can be combined with our other gabion products,
  • Innovative, cost-effective.
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Welded mesh
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Welded mesh
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Welded mesh
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